Finding the Right Fit for Hires in Your Private Practice

When you’re hiring a person, you have to ask yourself this question: Are they a good fit for the position and group that they will work in? Here’s why that’s so important: Making sure the person is a good fit for their future position is actually a major key to success in hiring.

Is Your New Hire Right for the Job?

I’ll give you an example of one time when we didn’t check if a new hire was a good fit for the job. We hired a person for a front desk position—we call that position a “patient service representative.” But because this point wasn’t checked before she was hired and put in this particular job, it didn’t work out. She was very, very good and accurate at administration, but she wasn’t as good with people.

We moved her from the front line and put her in a side office. She’s now handling all these administrative activities related to medical records and finance. She’s excelling in that position. She can certainly do well with patients on the phone, but we need someone extremely warm and friendly at the front desk.

Correctly Utilize a Staff Prospect’s Skills

The following policy is strictly followed when someone is going to be hired to work directly with me, my clinic directors or other senior executives: they must meet a higher standard of excellence when they are working at an executive level.

It’s also important to notice when you find a good person who is not right for a specific position but they still have the right qualities for your group. Maybe a staff prospect doesn’t have the right qualifications to be a senior executive. Will they fit in somewhere else in your group? After all, they are reliable and they check off the other boxes related to the qualities you’re looking for. Look for another position that is a better match for their skills.

Sometimes I find someone that has a great skill set but they aren’t a good fit for my practice. I may help them find jobs in other places that could use those skills.

Finding the Right Fit for Staff Makes the Best Team

It happens that I work with great freedom and a carefree attitude, and I love a good esprit on my team. I’ll take risks. Someone that is super-data-driven and conservative, who runs a business by the numbers—they won’t be a good fit working directly with me. But still, I may find a place for that person elsewhere.

Remember, finding that fit for a particular staff prospect is an important key to success in staffing your private practice.

About Paul Silovsky

Paul founded Rebound Physical Therapy in Topeka, Kansas in 1994. He graduated from Washburn University in 1985 and received his physical therapy degree from the University of Kansas Medical Center in 1987. Paul is driven by the desire to help others reach their goals and live active and healthy lifestyles. He is a long-time Survival Strategies client, a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and the Kansas Physical Therapy Association. Paul and his wife Roxanne enjoy traveling, cycling, watching team sports and spending time with their three daughters and six grandchildren.