Executive Leadership Abilities

Having worked with many Executives in all types of industry and throughout several countries, I have honed-in on some of the main characteristics of an able Executive.

I have also found when several of these attributes were missing, that Executive will usually not make the grade as a true, proficient leader and Executive.


  • Will have exact goals for the group in written form, accessible, easy to understand, and are “BIG” in think, vs. small in scope. These goals are consistently pushed to actively lead the group towards a better future.
  • Would consistently incorporate production quotas, not a true goal in essence but numbers.  (One would not set or present only monetary goals.) Production quotas are aimed at expanding the group by their accomplishment.
  • Manages only by objective measurements and would have a keen insight on exactly how the company is operating.  Managing subjectively is never done nor permitted.
  • Has fully studied and is competent with all existing company policy.   If a policy is not available, they originate it, issue it, ensure it is applied, OR, acquire the needed policy from a “higher authority” as from The Board of Directors, legal entity, etc. and insist it be well-known and put into practice.
  • Ensures company policy enhances and forwards the accomplishment of the group’s purposes, not merely for “the sake of having some policy”, and never allows any person to pervert the goals, policy, or planning.
  • Are always service-oriented and may break the rules now and then if a rule or policy is found to truthfully hinder services rightfully due to another.
  • Pays very close attention to the solvency and viability knowing that these are of senior importance and without financial viability there is no future within an economic society.
  • Provides the means for all staff to access / study information to improve the technical aspects of their positions. This is done through continued education, on-site training, etc.
  • Insists that staff operate as a team, not as individuals open to their own whims.
  • Encourages staff to solve problems and granting full empowerment to the individual to do so.
  • Takes great care of both clients and staff treating them as VIPs and assuming full responsibility to handle errors or flubs in production, service or delivery.
  • Establishes high standards and strives to have those around them meet or exceed those standards.
  • Never holds on to loafing, non-productive staff, but swiftly corrects or replaces them with more competent personnel.
  • Insists on keeping a positive outlook and demeanor by taking good care of self.
  • He/she is an important asset, and knows that a positive attitude is infectious and helps enable the group to succeed.
  • Leads with enthusiasm, strength, courtesy, high production demands, rewarding those performing great accomplishments.  One also pushes their staff a little beyond what they may think is possible – good staff love a challenging workplace!
  • Can predict and take effective measures in hindering those enemies they may garner as they grow, while at the same time “love” the challenge of such.
  • Are consistently increasing their own knowledge, understanding and ability to better lead their group.

These are the most common attributes and applied skills I have witnessed throughout my years.  I hope these are helpful to you