Creating Lasting Business Relationships

With economic hardships, pressures and competition how do you keep your customers coming back for services or continue to generate new ones?
A practical definition of “survival” is: “the act or fact of surviving, especially under adverse or unusual circumstances.”

The way to survive ANY hardship requires building relationships with your customers, staff, community, etc. You have to have such a lasting “friendship” with them that even during hard times of affording your services, they would never consider looking elsewhere as they would be biased by their affinity for you.

The point here is… What is the lasting impression you make in the minds of your public? What do they remember you by? Still don’t think this is true? I know several people paying top dollar for services to their dentists, doctors, etc. because they enjoy the relationship they have with them and their quality of service. They love walking in the respective business’ lobby and having the receptionist greet them with a smile and know them by first name. They could go somewhere cheaper or simply select any HMO, but the quality, care and friendship are more important to them.

Homework: This month get EVERY employee to work harder to smile, be friendly, ask customers questions about their lives, being interested in them and their families and truly work to build that lasting impression/relationship. Tell your front desk to greet them by name upon arrival, offer them water, coffee, etc.

New equation: Lasting Impression + Relationships = Continued Survival
I bet the application of this one datum will find you surviving a bit better.