Building Business Relationships

Business relationships are usually built upon good communication. Depending on the circumstance, this is done in person, or in writing between two parties, or over the phone because of long distance.

But one thing is a constant in all communication… When communication goes awry, so does the relationship to a greater or lesser degree, whether business, personal or otherwise!

The basic to all relationships then, whether personal or professional, is having the ability to use excellent communication skills, and the proper skill at the proper time. Yes, that’s right, there are many communication skills that when learned and practiced can achieve or overcome some incredible feats!

Let’s touch upon some of the most common problems we encounter in our communications with others.

  • Not able to be comfortable in front of another. Examples: shy, worried, anxious, etc.
  • Becoming upset about the words or ideas another person is speaking of.
  • Not certain if the person fully got your point of view. Was it misconstrued? Did you convey it properly?
  • Speaking to a compulsive talker who won’t stop for a moment granting you the equal opportunity to speak or answer.
  • Your question doesn’t really get answered, but the conversation is then artfully moved to another topic.
  • The conversation goes on and on, long past where it should have.
  • The person cuts in and you forgot what it was you were trying to get answered.
  • The person brings up a topic of a very personal nature.

Any one of these is apt to leave you wondering what is going on, where’s the conversation headed, the problem of how to deal with it, or, is there anything you should do about it?

This area of communication and relationship development is part and parcel in all business! It would well behoove any person running a business or dealing with business relationships, whether it be an owner or employee, to learn effective communication skills to help accomplish their business objectives. And please understand that nothing less applies when dealing in personal relationships!

This is truly the best thing I could ever recommend to you or your company as there is no other area which provides such a guarantee of both success and gratification!