Charles Poulin, PT Owner of Physio Tech Coaticook Coaticook, QC CANADA

Gains from Working with Survival Strategies, Inc.:

“My life turned around over the past year. Before Survival Strategies, I was blaming everything around me but myself for what was happening to my business and me. It was hard on me and getting harder on my employees and wife. The stress was as hard on me as on my bank account.

Then I received a phone call and did a webinar with Survival Strategies. After completion of the Practice Analysis, I was very curious to know more because I agreed that I did not have the knowledge to control my marketing efforts. The decision I made to have Survival Strategies on my side was brighter than I would have thought.

It was well worth the investment. I made my return on investment within five months and doubled my staff since. I am now looking to expand in a larger facility. This new control over my practice had a positive effect on my employees: not only do they have a better income, but they feel that I now run my business with more certainty.

More importantly, I now know that I can have a tremendous effect on what happens to my business when I use the practical tools and principles learned with the training and internships.

Thank you!”