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A Few Basic Tips on Collecting Money from Insurance Companies

There are many businesses who must deal with the cumbersome activity of having their money [...]

The Four Categories of Customer Service

I have found over the years that customer service usually falls into one of the [...]

How to Be an Executive in the Workplace

Having held leadership positions most of my life, as well as training other business owners [...]

Get More Referrals from Your Patients

In my experience, the best way to get more referrals from your patients is to [...]

How to Respond to a Customer Complaint

Unhappy customers are bad news for any company. It only takes one bad review online [...]

Working with the Non-Team Member

Occasionally, clients struggle with one or more members of their team who simply will not [...]

Increasing New Patient Volume

I was talking to a client recently and he asked me an interesting question: “What [...]

The Best Physician Referral Program

Clients often ask, “What makes our Referral Increase Program the best referral program?” While it [...]

How to Make the Workplace More Fun

Making the workplace more fun does not consist of adding lounges for the staff, putting [...]

Physical Therapy Bonus Structure

I am often asked the question, “What bonus system should I use for my physical [...]