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Executive Leadership Abilities

Having worked with many Executives in all types of industry and throughout several countries, I [...]

Setting & Achieving Goals

It’s a New Year! It’s been almost a month since the Times Square ball dropped [...]

3 Tips For Hiring

Ask yourself, how many times you’ve hired someone that looked great on paper, the interview [...]

Branding Made Simple: How to Brand Your Company with Virtually No Expense

In my work with business owners / private practice owners across the U.S. and Canada, [...]

Team Members VS. Non-Team Members

I have seen many a company slugging it out, the owner and staff stressed, and [...]

Why Expand?

A great truth: If a private practice is not permitted to expand, the ones that [...]

Press Release December, 2009

Private Practice Owner’s Manual Donated to All P.T. Universities in the US & Canada Survival [...]