CASE STUDY – Christina Panetta, PT

Christina Panetta, PT

Panetta Physical Therapy in Long Island, NY


BEFORE SURVIVAL STRATEGIES?: A space in the health club, another partner and a couple other staff. After TEN YEARS of this, I was up to about 150 treatments a week… and thought I was pretty hot. My referrals came from only five doctors, and 70% came from one doctor alone.

AFTER SURVIVAL STRATEGIES?: Panetta Physical Therapy includes a 30,000 square foot athletic club offering Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, “Body Balance for Performance” (therapy to improve your golf game), “Virtual Snow” (state-of- the-art snow simulator), Personal Training specializing in weight loss, nutrition, improved strength, health, endurance, wellness, sports training and lots of TLC.

Practice Philosophy: At Panetta Physical Therapy, we use the latest hands-on techniques to treat our patients most effectively We can help treat neck and back pain, orthopedic and sports injuries, shoulder, arm, wrist and/or hand problems, knee, ankle and foot problems, arthritis, auto accidents, work related injuries, joint replacement, and more. We work in coordination with your own Doctor within his protocols.

Years working with Survival Strategies: Since 1997

Practice Goals Attained Since Working With Survival Strategies:

  • We deliver 800 treatments a week out of 2 locations.
  • We average 250 referral sources per year, not 5 as in the first ten years!
  • My partner and I regularly take weeks off out of the practice and the production rolls on.
  • My staff and managers are able to take time off and cover for each other because they are all trained, not only as clinicians, but in the management and marketing skills related to their posts.
  • We have an in-house study course room.
  • I not only have my own cool stationery (joke), but we produce marketing materials that are the envy of the entire region. I have had doctors ask me to do their newsletters, they were so impressed.
  • We pick and choose our insurance companies, evaluate them and fire them when they don’t meet our standards.
  • While practices throughout the state of New York have been bankrupting and closing due to insurance cut-backs, we are on top of our finances. We have cash-based programs and enough depth that we, no doubt, will grow and continue to be viable.
  • As an owner I now have the power of choice over my time completely. I have been able to get involved in some social betterment programs in my community, build our nutrition and wellness programs and help other medical professionals implement programs in their practices as well.