Allison Suran, PT Owner of Healing Bridge P.T. Bend, OR

Allison’s Mission Statement: At Healing Bridge, your physical therapy experience will be like no other you can receive in Central Oregon.

Our interventions are comprehensive, our specialties unmatched, and our service unsurpassed for the ultimate healing experience.

Allison’s Passion: “I have always had a passion for physical therapy. I often tell people I don’t know whether physical therapy was made for me, or I was made for the profession, because I love everything about it. I enjoy taking educational courses to further my knowledge of healing techniques. My greatest interest continues to be in theFeldenkrais Method®, and my additional training includes”:

  • Explain Pain: Practical Tools for Chronic Pain Treatment Based on
  • the Latest Neuroscience Research.
  • Continued extensive advanced training in The Feldenkrais Method.
  • Currently enrolled in The Embodied Life Program 2007 – 2009.
  • The Mckenzie Method for assessment of the spine (back and neck) and joints.
  • Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial and Positional Release Techniques, extensive training in chronic pain conditions.
  • The Runners Course.
  • Medical Screening to Treat Patients without a Physician’s Referral.

Background with Survival Strategies, Inc.: Started on the Referral Increase Program in early 2008, completed the program in late 2008.

Here were her gains:

  • Patient Care Coordinator has gained a significant ability to converse with and schmooze with office staff at MD offices.
  • I gained an improved ability to talk with doctors and find out their ‘needs and wants’.
  • I have spent much more time focusing on ways to have a follow up visit with doctors. This has been the most challenging, and I feel we are just now coming up with effective ways to make this happen. It is challenging because most of our referring doctors are not orthopedic surgeons, but family practitioners.
  • We are much more aggressive in continually seeking appointments and visits with doctors for consistent “face time”.
  • Office staff is much more aware of enforcing our cancellation policy and getting patients to “re-schedule this week” if they cancel an appointment.
  • Therapists are more aware of not limiting number of total visits per patient.
  • We are getting ready to start a ‘family and friends referral program’ which will help educate our patients on all of our services and help get the word out beyond just our referring physicians.
  • I am getting ready to start a “How to get the most out of your PT” class for every new patient that will serve to:
    • Introduce them to me, the owner.
    • Educate patients on how to continue therapy even after “just” the pain is gone.
    • Educate patients on our ‘friends and family referral program’.
    • Educate patients on the different body parts we treat them for.
    • Educate patients on why they should do “PT first” for any physical injuries or pains they may have in the future.
  • We are able to use our stats more effectively to track our progress.
  • We have implemented a bonus program for the PT’s and for the front
  • office to help incentivize them for increased productivity.”

Allison is now mid the Private Practice Management Program.