Craig and his former business partner, the late Harvey Schmiedeke, founded SSI in 1985 to provide executive training and consulting for healthcare professionals. Craig had observed that although these professionals were competent clinicians, they had never been taught practice management in school. The services he developed for Survival Strategies are based on his own extensive training in a sure-fire administrative system and his personal success as a business consultant. As a result, Private Practice Owners around the country are now capable CEOs leading their practices to higher levels of growth and stability. 

(Although Craig looks like a conservative businessperson in this photo, inside that silk suit is also an accomplished guitar player and song writer who has played live for hundreds of thousands of people round the world.)



Anyone who knows Nancy Mura will tell you she loves to talk and she loves helping people. These qualities, combined with her verve and entrepreneurial spirit, impelled her through an award-winning entertainment career and multiple business ventures, including founding a successful bath and body products company and ranking as a top-performing real estate agent.

When Nancy discovered the world of Private Practice, she realized that it was both intensely valuable while also being seriously under-supported, especially when it came to practices with a pediatric focus. A rule-breaker since birth, Nancy said, “The heck with that” and made it her mission to provide resources and training for Private Practice Owners of all types.
This experience ultimately led her to create the Peds-A-Palooza Community & Conferences, a thriving online community for Pediatric Private Practice Owners which Nancy leads with her trademark sense of humor and playful attitude.. 
With the success of  the Peds-A-Palooza community under her belt, Nancy now serves as both Peds-A-Palooza Community & Conferences founder and SSI president. When she runs into a hitch, she just gets in her chutzpahmobile and drives on through to the other side.


Before joining the SSI team, Gerry was president of a highly successful drug rehab organization. Using his own extensive training in a proven management system, Gerry personally grew one of the rehab organization’s facilities where he and his staff saved countless lives by getting people’s kids and loved ones off drugs.

Gerry then directed his management expertise and experience to helping Private Practice Owners achieve stable new patient and revenue growth as our COO.

Gerry is also a bitchin’ surfer. Although he tries not to go around saying “cowabunga,” he is one gnarly dude when it comes to helping others.